Local No Kid Hungry Bake Sales

By now, I hope you’ve heard about the 2013 No Kid Hungry Bake Sales happening across the country this month!  Bakers and bloggers across America are coming together to raise money for hungry kids by hosting bake sales.  Every dollar raised goes towards the No Kid Hungry program.  And, you can help!

Search this list of bake sales hosted by food bloggers, and find a local bake sale hopefully in a city near you!  All you need to do is contact the bloggers for details (time, place, etc.) and buy some yummy treats for a great cause!

To all my local Howard County* area followers, here’s what I’m offering you!

2013 No Kid Hungry Bake Sale Flyer

If you don’t have a local bake sale near you, or you just don’t like sweets, please consider making a donation.  Every single donation counts!


Online Donation Page


Thank you!!

*If you live near Howard County and you’d still like to place an order, email me to discuss pick-up options!


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