Easter thoughts…

Sometimes life is just too hard.  Our work, our relationships, our hopes fail us.  We disappoint ourselves every single day.  It seems at times as though we just can’t move forward.  Can’t seem to be able to stop and just breathe.  We worry and worry and worry until the worry is all that we see. The worry strips away everything else.  It’s not that we forget about God, forget about His amazing power to move us day by day, or stop believing that God loves us.  It’s that our daily life, our daily work, our daily worry holds us back.  We forget that

redeemed 2
He wants YOU to be filled with His light, His love, His power.  And the best part?  You don’t have to have a certain job, or know the right answers to life’s questions, or do everything the right way to be filled with God’s light.  You just have to be you.  Broken, tired, sin-filled you.  When we come to the foot of the cross, we cannot be anything but humbled.  Humbled and awe-struck that someone we’ve never met, the Prince of all created things, left Heaven to die for us.  Whether you believe or not, whether you love Him or not, Jesus came to die for you.  His brokenness is the only thing holding our brokenness together.

redeemed 3

We sing Hallelujah because He died on the cross for us.  We sing Hallelujah because He rose for us.  We sing Hallelujah because, one day, oh God please one day soon, He is coming back for us. And on that glorious day,

redeemed 1

So, yes, our souls are weary.   And, yes, we are broken.  But if we fill our broken hearts with His Love, if we let go of everything holding us back and hold on to Jesus with everything we have, He will hold us.  He will guide us.  He will lead us until everything we say, everything we do, and everything we think is for Him.  And He will hold our hand all the way to Heaven.

And because of this, we are:

redeemed 4

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