{Guest Post} Saffron Yogurt Blueberry Pie


I love the world of Instagram.  Connecting with people from around the world through pictures is so much fun.  Not only do you get to see their stunning images, but you get to meet some great people along the way.  And that’s how my blogging friendship with Josefine began. After seeing a few of her Instagram posts, I was simply stunned by her photography.  The lighting in her Danish rooms is intensely white and soothing and makes you want to hop on a plane just to eat whatever she’s got cooking in the oven.  Her blog is filled with gorgeous photos and some mouth-watering vegan and gluten free recipes.  Seriously, this is girl is awesome.  

You can check out her blog here, and be sure to follow her on Instagram, where I guarantee you, her photos and recipes will leave you wanting more…

Hi I’m Josefine and I am so happy and honoured to write over here at La Casa de Sweets today – one of my absolute favourite blogs. Thanks so much Jackie!

Usually I run my own little food blog The Smoothie Lover. Here two of my greatest passions come together: photography and cooking. There is nothing better than an afternoon spend dancing around in the kitchen, eating cake batter straight from the bowl, feel how the smell of good food floats out into the kitchen and then get to photograph the result.

So what’s my food philosophy? Well, I really love creating healthy veggie-packed pesco-vegetarian dishes and experimenting with healthy baked goods. Healthy food has always been a great interest of mine. Simply because eating healthy makes me feel so much more energetic and I find that it usually tastes better. And I can never get enough of veggies and whole wheat!

I really want to be a pesco-vegetarian. I almost am, but it’s quite hard to be it completely, when you are still in high school, live at home and have two parents who don’t think it is a good idea. But when I’m in charge of my own food you can be sure it’s vegetarian.

Recently I’ve been experimenting a lot with gluten free and grain free baking. So when Jackie asked me to make this post I immediately knew I had to make something gluten free. Also I have a strong partiality for Greek yoghurt (and this is the main reason I could never go vegan). I had to combine these two things: something gluten free and something with yoghurt. And so the idea of a no bake yoghurt pie with a gluten free crust was born.

Turned out to be a wonderful idea. The pie was such a delicious treat for healthy sweet snack – or for breakfast.

It has been a pleasure making this post. Thanks again Jackie! Have a wonderful day everyone – and enjoy the pie!

No-Bake Saffron Yogurt Blueberry Pie

{Gluten Free}

Serves 6-8


Bottom layer

  • ¼ cup almonds
  • 1 cup rolled oats
  • 1 ½ tbsp. coconut sugar
  • 2 tbsp. coconut oil

Yoghurt layer

  • 10 threads of saffron
  • 1 tbsp. water
  • 2 cups Greek yoghurt
  • ¼ cup honey
  • 1 tsp. vanilla extract
  • 3 gelatine sheets

Berry layer

  • 1 cup blackberries
  • 2 tbsp. coconut sugar
  • 2 gelatine sheets


Crust: Combine almonds, oats and coconut sugar in a food processor and blend until it turns into flour. Add the coconut oil and pulse to combine. Spread the “dough” out into a spring pan, cover and store in the fridge whilst making the layers.

Yoghurt layer: Let the saffron threads soften in the water in a small bowl for approx 10 minutes. Place the gelatine sheets in a bowl or glass, cover with water and let them soak for 5 minutes. Then combine the saffron water and saffron threads with yoghurt, honey and vanilla extract in a bowl. Melt the gelatine sheets with 1 tbsp. of the water in a small pot over low heat. Slowly pour the melted gelatine into the yoghurt mixing constantly to make sure there’ll be no lumps. Pour over the crust, cover and store in the fridge for half an hour.

Berry layer: Puree the berries together with the coconut sugar. Cover the gelatine sheets in water in a small bowl and let them soak for 5 minutes. Then melt over low heat together with 1 tbsp. water. Slowly pour into the berry puree mixing constantly. Spread out over the yoghurt layer and let sit in the fridge for at least 1 hour. If the pie isn’t stiff after an hour let it sit a little longer.


I added saffron to this because I absolutely love the pretty yellow colour it makes and I really like the taste of it and the combination of dairy and saffron. However, if you don’t like the taste of saffron it can easily be omitted – and you’ll just have a delicious vanilla yoghurt cake.

Original recipe by The Smoothie Lover


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    […] weeks ago the sweet Jackie from La Casa de Sweets kindly asked me if I’d like to make a guest post over at her lovely blog. Jackie is so talented and makes the most delicious things (which are […]

  • Aw, thanks so much for all the kind words Jackie! You are the best 🙂
    And thanks for letting me make the post. It had been so much fund and I can’t tell you how happy and honoured I am to find myself here on your amazing blog.
    I just put up a post on my own blog with a link to this.

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