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JF’s Yogurt-Berry Smoothie

My husband and I are always looking for healthy, easy to make breakfast ideas. With two active daughters under 2, work, rabbits, fish, a bird, blog work, dessert orders, church life, and a Puerto Rican family, we’re usually pretty busy all day, especially in the mornings.


Chai Latte

Chai latte is one of the most comforting hot drinks, warm and tingly, with the perfect blend of spices in every sip. Unfortunately, coffee places sell a single chai latte at such a high price. Now, you can make your own delicious chai latte right at home! You’ll find all the spices you need right in your pantry. If there’s a spice you don’t have, just skip it. Trust me, you’ll wow your friends and yourself with this easy to make, sweet drink!


Mexican Hot Chocolate

Hot chocolate is an all-time favorite, especially during the cold winter months. Although traditional hot chocolate is always delicious, try this version if you’re looking for a new taste!